Financial Information

Per diem rates are listed on the LAR website under the "Services and Rates' tab on the Per Diems page. The current per diems in effect for the current fiscal year will be listed. Possible per diems for future years are estimates only. Estimated rates are provided for budgeting purposes only and subject to change depending on annual Fiscal Oversight Committee recommendations and approval by the Vice Provost for Research. Most per diem rates are charged per cage (e.g. mice conventional and isolator) and other rates are charged per animal (rabbit). Rates may vary from year to year as expenses and the number of animals varies. When planning for projects that will extend beyond June 30, investigators may wish to apply an inflationary increase of 3-6% per year from currently listed rates. Please consult with LAR when planning for animal care costs.

Fill out the LAR Animal Request Form. Email the form to LAR@indiana.edu.

  • LAR will ensure that the housing facility has the space and supplies required to care for the animals and that the protocol will allow for the number of animals in the order.
  • Your fiscal officer will be contacted with the order.
  • A PO will be generated and sent to the vendor.
  • Please allow 3-5 days for the order to reach the vendor.
  • Jackson Labs delivers on Tuesdays, Envigo delivers on Thursdays and Charles River delivers Tuesdays-Thursdays (may not be correct).

Ensure you are listed on the animal care and use protocol as performing surgery. Contact LAR to sign up for Aseptic Surgery Training by an LAR veterinarian. Contact your PI for specific training in the surgical procedure listed on the protocol. Refer to the Anesthesia and Analgesia Guidelines for your species along with the Surgery Policy on the LAR webpage for further information.

Light intensity varies greatly between facilities and rooms within facilities. We cannot guarantee a certain light intensity or an average consistent light intensity. LAR does not place animal cages on the top of shelving to prevent too much exposure to overhead lighting.

  • Yes. Please disinfect and wipe down the cart with the disinfectant provided in all animal rooms before and after use. Please return the cart to the place in which you found it. Please leave carts already in animal rooms in place for all to use as a work station. There are spare carts in each facility hallway that may be used for movement of animals/cages. At MSBII there is a designated space for returning used/dirty carts.
  • Please note that if you are removing cages of animals from the facility to your lab and you will be traveling through public space you will need to cover all cages completely. A clean lab coat or a black out curtain works well. Please be sure to wash these periodically. You may also use a disposable gown provided within the facilities, just be sure to tuck the sleeves and string ties under cages to prevent loose edges from hanging over the sides of the cart, if using.

Contact LAR@indiana.edu immediately.

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Emergency Contact Information

Animal Health Concerns and Clinical Emergencies

If animal health concerns or clinical emergencies are noted, please call 812-855-2356 and select option #1 when prompted.