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Indiana University took the unprecedented step of largely hibernating its research mission in response to the public health threats posed by the COVID-19 virus in March 2020 by restricting access to buildings and research activities. This document will help provide guidance for the staged reopening of research laboratories at IU, while still following procedures meant to control the transmission of COVID-19 between individuals working in research laboratories. All guidance should follow local safety and advisory warnings.

Many newly developed animal models involve the transfer of cells, serum or other tissue -derived products into live rodents. These biologicals and tissues can serve as repositories for adventitious rodent pathogens that, when used in animal studies, can alter research outcomes and result in endemic outbreaks.

For some, animal research is a controversial topic. But like others in the animal welfare arena, AAALAC endorses the use of animals to advance medicine and science when there are no non-animal alternatives, and when it is done in an ethical and humane way.

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