Per Diem Rates

Animal Care Rates

These are the Lab Animal Resources animal care rates effective July 1, 2023.

Per Diems – LAR Core Facilities
AnimalsPer Diems 7/1/2023 – 6/30/2024
Mice, Conventional (per cage)$0.86
Mice, Barrier (per cage)$0.90
Mice, Immunodeficient (per cage)$2.94
Rat (per cage)$1.38
Hamster (per cage)$0.81
Hourly Rates
Hourly RatesHusbandryTechnical
Normal Business Hours $23.53$35.13
Weekends & Non-Premium Holidays $35.29$52.70
Premium Holidays $58.82$87.83
Other Fee Rates
Other Fee RatesFee
Unscheduled Weaning Fee (per cage)$25
Lost Key$25
Import/Export Fee - Domestic$80
Import/Export Fee - International$160

Please note, per diem rates are charged per cage. LAR rates are evaluated each year to determine appropriate cost recovery.  Rates are approved by the Vice President for Research in consultation with the IU Finance Office.  Feedback on rate setting is also provided by the LAR Fiscal Oversight Committee (FOC) that meets in the spring of each year. LAR will continue to look for methods to contain costs while adding to the value of services provided to our customers.

Rates may vary from year to year as expenses and the number of animals varies. When planning for projects that will extend beyond June 30, 2024, investigators may wish to apply an inflationary increase. Typical inflationary estimates are 5-8%. Feel free to consult with LAR when planning for animal care costs. We are happy to help you in any way we can!

Costs for additional services are billed separately. Usually based on length of time needed to complete the service when it is provided. "Hourly Rates" are listed on a per hour basis with a minimum of 1/4 hour charged as provided during "Normal Business Hours", "Weekend and Non-Premium Holidays" and "Premium Holidays" (Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, etc.).

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